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Julie Ann Accornero
Hendrickson Method®
Orthopedic Massage

  • Practice + Specialty + Clients

    I have been practicing massage therapy for over 25 years. While my work is a combination of the many different modalities that I've studied, the technique that I specialize in is Hendrickson Method®, a unique system of manual therapy that is profoundly effective at relieving pain and restoring optimum function to joints and muscles.

    My goal is to help people achieve optimum performance in everyday life.

    My clients range from kids to seniors, from young gymnasts to athletic octagenarians.

  • Hendrickson Method® Massage and Manual Therapy

    Hendrickson Method is an advanced form of massage rich with science, anatomy and energy medicine. The founder, Dr. Tom Hendrickson, comes from a long lineage of brilliant and profound doctors and healers from around the world. To learn more about Hendrickson Method or to watch a video clip from the just released DVD on Hendrickson Method go to HendricksonMethod.com

  • Profound Results

    Hendrickson Method has profound effects on many common and not-so-common problems and injuries. The sessions are profoundly effective and comfortable and relaxing to receive. Hendrickson Method helps all kinds of people, from kids to seniors, athletes to yogies, reach their goals by improving the overall function of their muscles and joints. It's also a wonderful way to achieve deeper levels of relaxation. The sessions are done with clothes on and no oil. This may sound strange to have a massage with clothes on, but my clients find it so relaxing and effective that many of them prefer this style to traditional oil massage.

  • What I Can Help You With

    Here are a few common things that I've been able to help people with...
    - Back pain
    - Sciatica
    - Whiplash
    - Neck pain
    - Migraines and headaches
    - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    - Golfer's elbow
    - Tennis elbow
    - Ankle sprain
    - Arthritis (hips, knees, hands...etc..)
    - Loss of motion in a joint
    - Knee pain
    - Foot pain
    - Nerve entrapments
    - Numbing fingers and hands
    - Old injuries acting up
    - Sports injuries
    - TMJ
    - Tight stressed shoulders that carry the world
    ...and so much more!

  • About Me

    My career as a bodyworker began after graduating from Saint Mary's college when I enrolled at the Berkeley Acupressure Institute. For 5 years I studied Chinese medicine and energy systems and then continued studying and practicing many other forms of bodywork and massage. In 2005, I began advanced training in Hendrickson Method® and knew I’d found my home. Not only could I help my clients feel more relaxed and balanced, I could help heal both acute injuries and chronic pain. My knowledge of this powerful method continued to deepen by working with Dr. Hendrickson for 7 years at his clinic in Kensington. When I am not seeing clients, I enjoy painting and identifying the local birds.

  • Locations + Appointments

    My offices are in Berkeley and Walnut Creek.

    You can schedule appointments by emailing me. Please inlcude your phone number so we can discuss your needs.

  • Rate

    1 Hour: $120

  • Cancellation Policy

    All appointments require a 24 hour cancelation notice so I can fill the time with another client. So please, give me as much notice as possible. Cancellations less than 24 hours will be charged the full rate.